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Build modern solutions directly on managed services within AWS.

The last few years have brought about new ways to create applications and experiences. These approaches allow you to maximize capabilities while minimizing TCO over the life of the application.

Serverless & Container-Based Microservices

Serverless and Container-based Microservices allow you to build your application's backend logic within independent modules. While there are technical innovations with this approach, the greatest benefit may be how it allows you to increase your speed of innovation.

These approaches allow you to minimze the amount of servers you have to maintain by leveraging services like AWS Lambda and AWS Fargate.

Modern Web & Mobile Applications

The tools and approaches that you leverage to create mobile and web applications today have changed greatly in the last few years. Single-page web applications with frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue interact with services through a GraphQL endpoint instead of traditional REST-based API's.

In addition to changing the tools that are used to create the applications, the tools used to build, test, and deploy the applications have also greatly changed. By setting up Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery from day one, you save countless hours from a manual approach.

Large-Scale Data Analysis

Because of modern analytics and data intensive solutions (like IoT sensors), organizations have having to determine new ways to analyze large-scale data sets to determine actionable intelligence. By leveraging managed services from AWS, your organizaion can remove any limits on the data you can ingest, analyze, and store.

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